Music is said to be a universal language as it is God’s gracious gift.  In GSS, learning to sing and play musical instruments is imperative for the school’s choral group.

Helping the members of the orchestra to play musical instruments with dexterity is our passion.

In recognition of our strides in music, the Lagos State Government selected the GSS Orchestra among many schools in the state, to perform at ‘Festival of Choral and Classical Music” alongside two other schools.
Musical instruments like the violin, trumpet, saxophone, flute, drums, keyboard, clarinet and guitar e.t.c. are taught by music professionals who have mastered these instruments. The orchestra group plays a major role in the morning assembly. They meet 3-5 times a week for practice in order to improve their musical skills. 

GSS orchestra members are not only taught how to play instruments and sing. They are also required to take Music theory classes and sit for Music Society of Nigeria (MUSON) examinations.