Periodic News


Dear Parent / Guardian,

A happy and a glorious New Year to you and your family. We thank God for His abiding Grace that has led us thus far. We also appreciate your support in the education of our young ones. As we begin a new term, please be informed of the following:

School Fees: All parents concerned are to please ensure that their wards’ fees are balanced before the end of January, 2018.

First Continuous Assessment: The first C.A. test will commence on Monday 29th January, 2018. Parents are to please monitor their wards and ensure they prepare adequately for the test.

Field Trip: Our pupils from Basic 1-6 will be visiting the Hopetown farms on 7th February, 2018. This is to enable them see the practical aspect of the things taught in the classroom. Each pupil is to pay N1,000 .