April 2019 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

APPRECIATION: Our profound gratitude goes to the Almighty God who has been our help in ages past. May His name be glorified and honoured forever. We also extend our gratitude to our able and ever co-operative parents/ guardians who have continually and unconditionally stood by us despite all odds. May the gracious Lord tremendously bless you.      

OUR VISION: To remain a world class educational services provider for the overall intent of raising a godly generation of achievers.

OUR MISSION: To provide every learner with opportunities for educational engagements that foster the individual's moral, spiritual and economic well-being for personal goal achievement and full integration into the larger society.

RESUMPTION: The school resumes for the 3rd term on Tuesday 23rd  April, 2019 for full academic activities.

PUNCTUALITY: Parents/Guardians should ensure that their wards get to school before 7:30am. Pupils/students should attend the assembly with their assembly notes and other relevant materials. Lateness to school is not tolerable.

ADMISSION: Admission is in progress into our primary and secondary schools. Choosing Good Shepherd Schools is the best decision for the firm future of your beloved child.

ENTRANCE EXAMS DATES: For the 2018/2019 Admission; entrance exams into our secondary school will be held on the following dates by 8:00am:

13th  April, 2019               

24th August, 2019

22nd June, 2019          

7th September, 2019

MID-DAY MEAL: All parents interested in their wards being served mid-day meals next term should endeavour to pay before resumption, as clearance cards will be issued as meal tickets without which meals will not be served.

RADIO PROGRAMME: You can listen to our students/pupils on Radio Nigeria 1, 103.5 FM at exactly 11:30am-12noon on Saturdays. You can also put a call across during the programme to encourage them.

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMME: All children are expected to have been picked up latest by 4:30pm. A fee of N500 will be collected daily or added to the school fee for a child who stays later than the stipulated time.

PRIMARY SECTION: Bible Reading: Pupils are to read the Book of Philippians Chapters 1-3, then, memorise the following: Nursery 1-2 (Chapter 1). Basic 1-3 (Chapters 1 and 2) Basic 4 - 6 (Chapter 1-4),

Essay writing: Pupils are to write extensively on these topics:

Basic 1 & 2:          Write a composition on what you do everyday.

Basic 3 & 4:          Write an essay on how you intend to spend your Easter Holiday.

Basic 5 & 6:          Write a composition on the Significance of Easter to Christians.

SECONDARY SECTION: Bible Reading: Students are to read the Books of Joshua and Philippians, then memorize at least 3 verses of each chapter from the Book of Joshua.

COMPETITION: There will be a recitation of the memorized Bible verses on Wednesday 15th May, 2019. The time for this is 2:30pm.


JSS 1 - 3

Your ambitions and goals hold a special place in your heart and you are determined to ensure that they all come to reality. Write copiously on your plans to write your name in gold and be the pride of your doting parents. (At least three (3) foolscap pages)

SSS 1 - 2

The current heat condition in the country is quite unbearable and catastrophic, with numerous casualties already recorded. Write an essay on your experience, including your efforts to fend off the  effects of the devastating weather.

(Your essay should not be less than four (4) foolscap sheets.)  

PROFESSIONAL DAY: Pupils would be allowed to make their choices of professions. Parents should please make available all the materials that would be needed.

ADMISSION INTO HIGHER INSTITUTIONS ABROAD/SCHOLARSHIPS: Do you want your ward to secure an admission/ a scholarship abroad? If so, contact the Schools Students' Affairs Office.

MAKE-UP EXAMS: Parents should please note that all make-up exams will attract a fee.

SCHOOL WEBSITE: Parents should monitor the activities of the school by logging on to our website: Use your ward's (child's) I.D number as a user name to log in. Academic results can be accessed there. You can as well pay your child's fee there. You can also reach us via the following E-mail addresses:,

CAMBRIDGE/TOEFL EXAMS: Registration is on for the stated examinations. Please contact the school for further details.

GENERAL CERTIFICATE IN EDUCATION (GCE): Students of our school are not allowed to sit G.C.E while still in school. The penalty is expulsion from the school.

BOARDING FACILITIES: We have outstanding world class and reliable boarding facilities. Give your ward a chance to be in our hostel where Godliness is the watch word.

SAT EXAMINATION DATES: Below are the available dates for SAT exams this year.


4th September, 2019                            5th October, 2019

6th November, 2019                     7th December, 2019

SPECIAL SHUTTLE: You can enjoy a means of early return for your wards in the KG/Nursery Section each day through the Special shuttle. Interested parents should contact 08150901583, 08180653473.

VISITING DAY: The boarders' visiting day remains the first Saturday of every month. Visiting on any other day is not allowed.

PROJECT-BASED LEARNING: This is to remind you that we use a project based learning method. Our parents should please provide the materials that may be required.

TEXT BOOKS: Reading assignments are compulsory for each pupil/student. Therefore, every child should readily have all the required textbooks before or on resumption to school. Students will be duly inspected to ensure compliance. All pupils' notes/textbooks are to be duly wrapped before resuming to school.

It is our pleasure to acquaint you with the school's management team members.
Dr. A.B. Oyeyemi                     -      B. Sc,  M.Sc, D.Sc.(Hon. Causa)
Dr. (Mrs.)  O.A. Oyeyemi          -     BA.ED, Ph. D
Mr. O. J. Oyeyemi                     -     B.Sc.
Mr. Ehimiaghe Elijah                 -    B. Engr.
Mrs. D.O. Ojoye – Kehinde      -    N.C.E.
Ms. Ayodele J.F.                       -     HND, P.G.D.E
Mrs. Ajibade F.T.                       -     N.C.E., B. ED.        
Mrs. Alalade O.F                      -     H.N.D, P.G.D. E.
Mr. Evbotokhai F.O.                 -     B.Sc
Mr. George Opara G.              -      M. Sc
Mr. Akingba A.A.                     -      A.C.B.
Mrs. Adeosun F.B.                  -      H.N.D.,  P.G.D.E.
Mr. Raymond C.F.                   -      B.A.
Mr. Ikpefuran O.                      -      H.N.D.
Mrs. Afolami A.                       -      B.A.

The following should be reached in case of any observed error(s) in results. 
Dr. A.B. Oyeyemi                -   (Good Shepherd  Schools'  Chairman)         - 08023213789, 08150901500    
Dr. (Mrs.)  O.A. Oyeyemi     -   (Director of  Operations)              - 08025394653, 08150901501
Mr. Tobi Oyeyemi J.            -   (Director of Strategy and Development)       - 08150969179, 09027840471
Mrs. D.O. Ojoye  Kehinde   -   (Asst. Headmistress,     Meiran)          - 08150969300, 08055204871
Ms. Ayodele J.F.                  -   (Academic Co-ordinator, Primary Meiran)     - 08031932952, 08150969334
Mrs. F.T. Ajibade                  -   (Supervisor, Primary Section, Ogun State Campus.) -08150969623,08024107631
Mrs. Alalade O.F                  -   (Supervisor, Secondary Section, Ogun State Campus)     - 08150969298, 08058401711
Mr. E. Ehimiaghe Elijah        -   (Supervisor, Junior  Secondary, Meiran Campus) - 08150759738, 08150969326
Mrs. Adeosun F.B.               -   (Supervisor, Senior Secondary, Meiran Campus) - 08150901623, 08060217402
Mr. George Opara               -   (Quality Assurance Officer)          - 08150968941, 08032146712