GSS is a place to be and a spectacle to behold.  The magnificent buildings, beautiful classrooms, courteous staff and serene environment make us stand out. We have structures and equipment that befit a school of international status.  We have well equipped laboratories. Our facilities include:

  1. Science Laboratories
    -  Chemistry Laboratory
    -  Biology Laboratory 
    -  Agric Laboratory 
  2. Library
  3. Home Economics Laboratory 
  4. Fine Art Studio
  5. I.C.T. Studio 

Note:  At present, we make use of ‘Mimio Classroom Device”.  This is a device put in place in our teaching clinics, for capturing, creating and presenting information.

Within the Mimio Classrooms are the Mimio Studio and Mimio Tech.  The Mimio studio is used to import images into a notebook, both as objects and background image while the Mimio Tech package enables the teacher to deliver lessons and presentations directly from the white board.  

Our educators and students are I.C.T literate. 

We make use of laptops in our clinics, and this facilitates the teaching and learning processes. Students are trained on how to install CCTV, Internet facilities and web design.