There are diverse clubs and societies in GSS.  These clubs are meant to educate, stimulate creativity and help students to develop and exploit their gifts and talents.  In other words, it affords them the opportunity to discover their passion and pursue their intellectual interests.

The clubs and societies meet every Wednesday between 2.30 -4.00pm. A day is set-aside for each club in a term for exhibition and display of a new research or finding.  It is mandatory for each student to be a member of a club and society. Every student is expected to participate actively.

The following are the names of clubs and societies we have in GSS.

  • Maths Club
  • Literary and Debating Society<br>
  • Jet Club
  • Drama Club
  • Young Farmers Club
  • French Club
  • Press Club 
  • Bible Society 
  • Home Makers Club
  • Business Club