''Behold, I have dreamed more; and, behold, the sun and the moon
and the eleven stars made obeisance to me.'' Genesis 37: 9

At some time, God will birth within you an invisible picture of your future. That's your uncommon dream. It will be something you can become or something you can have. God uses this uncommon dream to provide you focus, progression and enthusiasm.

You must recognize the dream that God uses to stir hope, inspire direction and make you a blessing to others. This uncommon dream will require uncommon focus as you will only succeed with something that consumes you. Give your uncommon dream your time, your love and energy. Likewise, your uncommon dream requires uncommon habits. When Muhammad Ali saw himself as a heavyweight champion, he began to get up early in the morning for special roadwork, knowing that champions will do daily what ordinary people will do occasionally.

So, get to the height of destiny by keeping alive the mental picture of your actual future. Hold on to your uncommon dream because a dreamless sleep equals death.