Solve it and sell it

There are countless individuals and group of people who spend precious time and skills working with futility at reducing the weight of what they are required to lift in life. They fail to come to the realization that most weights are not negotiable. So, the only useful option left to them is to build up their strength.

Before you complain about how difficult your problem is, think. The real issue may be with your response and approach to the problem. Did you know that somebody, somewhere has been able to overcome the challenges you are faced with?

Those who constantly complain about the toughness of the question, never discover the toughness of their brains and the creativity of their minds. Successful people are those who had the commitment to answer the question we were all asking and later turned round to sell us their answers. Your developed strength is your viability on earth. Instead of running away from your present difficulty, stay and answer the questions and then sell the world your answers.