There is more to you. Bring it forth. Disregard the ‘circumstance’. In fact, use the ‘circumstance’ to your advantage. Leaders are ordinary people who are placed under extraordinary circumstances that bring forth their latent potential, producing character that inspires the confidence and trust of others.

Moses, a ‘fugitive’ from Pharaoh’s justice, became the greatest lawgiver in history. Gideon, a ‘coward’ became one of the greatest warriors in his generation. David, an ‘insignificant shepherd boy’ who was considered the ‘least’ in his family, has his place in history as the greatest king the nation of Israel has ever produced……

Abraham Lincoln had little formal education, yet he went on to become a national leader considered by many as the greatest president of the United States. Helen Keller was a girl from a small town in Alabama, who due to illness, lost her sight and hearing before the age of two. Yet, she became an international lecturer and author whose books still enjoy international readership. In fact, one of her books, The Story of My Life, is available in over fifty languages!

 Let no circumstance stop you. You are not the same with others but you are a leader in your own unique way.