Life is too short to think small!


Those who really want to know if

they can swim don't limit

themselves with shallow waters. The

treasures of life are not on the

surface. Launch into the deep! Such

valuable treasures as gold and diamond

are not found on the surface of the

earth. They are in the deep. You dig and dig to reach

them. Don't limit your ability. Putting a limit on what you

will do culminates in putting a limit on what you can do.

You can do more than you think, for you never know what

you cannot do until you try. So to make a successful

future, break loose, go outside the confines that you have

right now. Try doing what you have never done before and

you'll begin to achieve the results you've never achieved

before. To believe that a task is impossible to accomplish

is to make it so. The question is how many lofty ideas

have you miscarried because of thinking small? How many

ideas have you put to death because of mediocre

imagination? Dare always to think unthinkable thoughts.

Great achievers don't grow where they are planted, they

blossom where they are planted. Now spread your wings

to soar to the heights you never knew you could.