Academic Calendar



10th - 14th september, 2018

Resumption, Orientation and counseling for new students, class activities, distribution of E-notes, submission of CA, Exam questions.

17th – 21sT september, 2018

Class activities, club activities (Wed. 19th), Sport activities.

24TH – 29TH SEPTEMBER, 2018

Class activities, Note/File inspection 1, Fasting & prayers (Fri. 28/09/18), CA Committees.

1st -  5TH october, 2018

Class activities, CA 1, SAT, CAMBR. & UTME preparatory test.

8TH– 12TH october, 2018

Class activities, Note/File inspection 2, and recording of CA1 scores, Clubs meeting. 

15th– 19TH october, 2018

Class activities, Release of CA 1 Results. Mid-term break (Thursday 18th and Friday 19th)

22nd - 26th october, 2018

Class activities, Note/File Inspection 3, CA committee meetings, Clubs meetings, Clubs meeting (Wed. 24th)

29th october - 2nd november, 2018

Class activities and CA2, SAT, CAMBR & UTME preparatory test. 

5TH– 9TH november, 2018

Class activities, Note/File Inspection 4, Clubs activities (Wed. 7) and recording of C.A. 2 Scores

12TH– 16th november, 2018

Class activities, Clubs meeting (Wed. 14)

19TH– 23rd november, 2018

Revision/Practical exams/Commencement of Theory Exams.

26th – 30TH november, 2018

Continuation of Theory exams.

3RD – 7TH DECEMBER, 2018

Marking, Vetting, Recording, Compilation an Analysis OF Results

10th – 14TH DECEMBER, 2018

END OF THE YEAR ACTIVITY: MEIRAN (Wed. 12/12/18), ALAKUKO (Thur. 13/12/18), HOPETOWN (Fri. 14/12/18). CAROL